I asked a girl if she thought we had a future after the first date. Did I mess up?

She acted weird and unsure when I asked her. What can I do? Things were going really well up until that point... Also, I haven't texted her yet its been less than a day.


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  • That was way too soon. You shouldn't have asked her that.

    • Yes I know :( Do you have any suggestions as what I can do to fix the situation?

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  • 1. like 10 dates too soon for that Q
    2. she has NO idea what the answer is but now stepping back one step
    3. one step back = give her more time to remember the good things, build up mystery IF you'll make this important followup call to her
    4. on Day 2 you CALL her (no texting - ugh) and tell her how you remember the fun/attractive things of the date, be prepared with 1-2 detailed views which gives her the opportunity to discuss further... tell her you're open to more of all that & will call again to get her ideas on fun things (to her) to do together, IF her schedule allows

    Do this precisely, don't ask me questions why = success

    • Appreciate your help :)

  • this is delicate. you def fucked up. its right to give her space now but honestly its just going to be awkward. here's what i would do step by step.

    1 dont listen to the first guy
    2 start talking to another girl to distract you (if you can get like 3 or 4 going)
    3 text girl 1 act like nothing weird happened (dont call her)
    4 get a little convo going but dont drag it out or anything just make sure she seems like she enjoys talking with you
    5 call a couple days later and try scheduling another date.
    6 also try scheduling dates with the other girls.

    i guess my point is you should have multiple girls lined up but seriously dont stress over this one. you can turn it around but i think its best to move on. things are gunna be awkward for a while and you can't build up a relationship that way. you are gunna end up putting in lots of effort just to be let down. she's gunna go out with you again to give you another chance but honestly its going to be super awkward for her.

    • also definitely dont spend valentines day with her. let her think you had plans with another girl.
      if she asks tell her you like spending it with your dude friends.

      if you can have a different date lined up, but the reason im recommending this is it will erase any vision that she had of you being "needy" or "boyish" it will show confidence

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    • i wish i could say yes, but honestly i think its slim.

      just try really hard to come off aloof and not into her. let her come to you

    • Ok, thanks for your help :)