Do you think my girlfriend cheating on me? What do I do to really find out?

I've been dating this girl for 3 months and i think she cheating. Out of nowhere she will get mad at me for anything we coukd have a great day and it never fails literally everyday she'll say something about whatever get really mad at me and ignore me for hours. When i tried to talk to her about the fact that i think she might be playing me she called me stupid didn't answet none of my questions and ignored me for hours. This is not the first tine I've tried to talk about it with her and her get angry and ignore me. I've caught her in a lie i had her fb account and a guy texted her hey with some heart emojis i didn't say none, later that day she deleted hin so i asked why she said oh he just made me his wcw or sone fb shit people do. I said ok. Then i chill with her to find out she been talking to him when she told me she doesn't even know the dude. She had his number and everything but no texts and it looked like she been deleting shit from her fb. So ik she will lie to me. Last night she said she was going to bed and i said goodnight went to sleep. She got mad at me bc i didn't say i love you back. She called me 13 times then i wake up to me being blocked on which she loves to do thats why i dont bother saying im in a relationship and tag her and shit bc over nothing she will block me and all that shit changes back. She has guys hit her up all the time and I don't know if she replys to them or not. But she likes to act like im cheating on her and i dont evwn have girls that im cool with righteously dont think nobody want my ass lol. I just want something real thisbmy last relationship I've been played to much ik im still young butbfuck this if its gotta be like this. I don't know what it is i mean im still poor and no car but i do my best at everything ik trying to go to school get a good job but its hard with no support or finacial stability. I just need to know what to do. Do you think she cheating? How shoukd i hand


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  • cheat back bro. if your only dating its not cheating. im telling you right now almost every girl will have a side piece, the classy ones will just have a guy on the hook, and the very rare good one will just be "friendly." which is still basically keeping him on the hook.

    your girl honestly sounds fucking crazy, take this as an opportunity to have some fun and cheat back. you will probably end up looking like an ass but who cares. girls like a dude who fucks a lot of girls. they smell the pussy on you and its awesome. when girls fight over you guess who wins. YOU DO

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