I am confused, what should I do?

So, there is a guy I like since last year, but he has a girlfriend and I can't do much. He is like the only guy I ever liked so much. I have to move on but I don't really want, so its complicated. Last days I met a really cool guy, I kinda like him and I want to know more about him, but he likes my friend a lot who is in a relationship but she still flirts with him (though she doesn't like him). The problem is I'm very very picky and I don't fall in love fast so its hard to find someone, that's why I never had a boyfriend (I'm 18). It seems I always like guys who are unavailable. What should I do? xx
by the way, is that weird that at 18 I never had a relationship? Valentine's Day is coming and I will be depressed...


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  • Deadpool is coming out on valentines day. That's where I'm going (#foreveralone). Don't worry about not dating by 18. It's fine. Now about the boy problem... it seems that life is complicated try spend more time alone with this new guy. Go to the movies or something. If he likes someone else then try just be a good friend for him. In my mind relationships are like ladders. There's one for love, one for friendship, one for enemies, etc. There can only be one person at the top of the ladder. So if there's someone on the ladder climb a different one and climb across when that person slips up. That way if you end up liking him you can come across if you want otherwise just stay where you are. Now about the older crush who's dating... you have two options, either try stop talking to him. Grow distant this will help you get over him, the other option is to be patient. It's the harder one of the two. However there is also a chance that you will fall in love with someone else while being patient. Good luck and ask if you need anything.

    • Wow, such a great answer! Thank you a lot! :)

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  • You should forget about him as well since he has expressed interest in your friend. Maybe a good solution would be to try to widen your social cycle. Meet more people.

    As for being 18 and never having a relationship, of course it's normal, there is no need to panic.

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