Does he still like me?

Me and this guy went to high school together and he has had a crush on me since sophomore year, but we never dated. Around September I decided to message him to see how he was doing and he told me he missed me and I missed him back. We talked a couple times after that and then around Thanksgiving, since we all have the same friends, we all went to the movies together. Later, when I got home, he messaged me and told me that I look great. We started talking every day after that, and he complimented me frequently. A couple weeks before he came home for Christmas break, we were talking and he told me that he likes me and I told him I like him too. We went to the movies when he came home (with our friends) and he held my hand and caressed my leg the entire night. He started flirting with me more often and called me beautiful and sexy. We didn't see each other for a week and he apologized about it saying that he wanted to see his brother before he left (which i completely understood) but somehow we ended up hanging out that same night and he held my hand again. After that, he stopped talking to me as much and the night before he left, I messaged him wishing him a safe trip and everything and he told me that he tried hanging out, but our friend couldn't give him a ride since she was busy (and we don't have cars). I didn't reply and it pissed him off. We stopped talking for a couple weeks. He messaged me finally and said hey, and we have been talking to each other just not as frequently maybe because of the new semester. A couple days ago, we were talking and he said he misses me and that he wished I was dorming at his college. We talked a little after that, but he reads my messages a lot and that's what worries me. Maybe I'm just overthinking (because he does reply to me, just anywhere from a few min-a couple hours later). I know when we didn't talk for a couple weeks, I asked him about what was going on and what went wrong and all he replied was hey. So what do you think?


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  • Eh I don't think anything really.


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