How did my luck change so drastically?

OK on tinder I honestly couldn't get a match for anything ugly girls or hot girls I changed a couple of my pics and I got matches with 8 hot girls that are not bots in the past 2 minutes

Thanks for opinions


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  • Pictures matter. That's why those sites give so many tips on how to take a good picture.

    • Yeah I would try to respond to one girl and get the green notification of a new match at the top I was thinking wow cause literally every girl was beautiful

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    • Cause looks are one thing I really don't know how to talk to women I'm a socially awkward guy that has never had a girlfriend

    • Well just talk to her like you would a guy. Just be like "hey so all the ball games were on yesterday. Did you watch any?" Then she can tell you if she watched the puppy/kitten/super bowl and what she thought of the half time show. Or maybe she doesn't like sports and you can ask her about movies instead. The new Independence Day movie is supposed to be coming out soon, right?

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  • because you took nicer pictures? I dunno know you kidds with your technology and dating games!


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  • Dating sites are garbage and full of girls who only care about if the guys looks like a super models. it's a waste of time unfortunately.

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