So I'm dating this girl?

...and on my first date with her, I made the mistake of essentially paying for the evening. Skip forward almost a year. I'm now a university student, with all the debt that comes with it. We're still going out quite often, but now she expects me to be the gentleman and pick up most of the tabs. How can I get the point across that I literally can't afford to single handedly pay for all our dates anymore without seeming cheap?


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  • You could be sneaky and say, what do you think about female and male equality?

    Or just tell her that you don't want to go out because you can't afford it, but do that

    every time she wants to go out, eventually she will say: well I can pay, or she won't

    say anything. But either way you won't have to pay as often.

    As well, just be honest. Talk about your debt and that you don't think you two can

    go out as often unless she can pay sometimes because it's costing you too much.

    Depending on her character, she should be understanding to your circumstance,

    especially if she wants to be with you in the long run.


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  • just tell her that you can't keep taking her out but its not because you don't want to but your finances aren't allowing it right now. just go to your dorm and stuff like that and hang out with eachother.


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  • Welcome to life as a guy. Oh sure, women say they want to be equal... just not when the cheque comes ;)

    If you've been dating for a year you should be able to be open and honest with her. Tell her flat out your concerns about money (don't make it sound like she's the source of your money troubles though). If she's at all concerned for your well being she should already somewhat know your financial situation.

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