Will marriage eventually not exist?

Being a guy in a big city at my prime age I've come to realize just how hard it is to date. From a guys perspective it feels like women always want attention and like to have options. They post racy pictures on Instagram, send snaps to various men. With so much accessibility to other people how do you focus on just one? And do people still do that? Will monogamous dating become extinct eventually? Do people not value love or relationships or getting to know one Person and growing with them? This is my perspective does anybody else feel the same way and why?

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  • I agree, I have noticed a sea change in the dating world. People are becoming more skeptical of marriage and/or are pursuing other things in life (their career). I feel we are becoming more isolated through social media and it's seen as "harassment" to approach women in public in any sort of way. Dating is becoming more confined to websites and apps and they don't seem to go anywhere. I think what we're seeing is that same thing that is happening in South Korea, the birth rates are going to start falling dramatically.

  • Yeah I hope so, it's a stupid old religious tradition

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