Guys, Have I somehow ended up on my FRIENDS backburner?

I have a friend who asked me out a few years ago whilst on the rebound. I turned him down as I don't want to be a rebound to anyone.

We haven't hung out since as he's 'busy' aka avoiding me but he keeps texting me. He has a girlfriend now and I offered him a special makeup discount voucher that I have so that he can buy her something for her birthday - he didn't even show interest in that. He's always the first to initiate the texting and because I want to keep it civil, I text back. He even initiates meetups but never follows through. I'm not a natural initiator so I have to admit that he does most of the first texts/asks to meetup (but doesn't).

I have had it suggested to me that he's keeping me on some 'back burner' in case his relationship falls through. I don't understand this as he knows I don't feel that way about him. At first I thought this was all nonsense but I added him on facebook recently and the only time he did meet up with me (as friends) was when him and his girlfriend had broken up temporarily (they're back together now). A few days after he told me he had something important to tell me and he was scared to tell me which he would only tell me face to face - but we never met up. One of my friends thought he was going to try to ask me out again.

He seems to want to keep me in his life without actually bothering to be a friend. I know we live in a time of technology but everyone finds time for their friends.

So, yes, he's a shit friend which I have always known. But is he backburning me too? And can I be put on some backburner even though I'm not interested?


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  • Lol that's great news about a guy in the ass with a


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