I need a helping hand, advice on her, how to move forward, anyone?

I think I already know the answer to this question, but I need someone to help me through it, and gently tell me how to move on. I truly care about this girl, and I would do anything to help her, or make her happy. However, she likes another guy, and I had to deal with it. All the time though, she flirted with me, we texted back and forth, and things felt good, like I had a chance. Her and the guy, sorta fell through, and I was there for her, not bc I wanted her to like me, but bc I have had my heartbroken once, and dont want her to go through it alone. She seemed like she was glad I was there, and appreciated it, we grew closer.

Until this, I finally opened my eyes a little, looked past what I thought was so great. I realized I always initiated the messages, I always asked her if she was ok, I always asked if she needed help, and if she was sick, I was always there for her. I realized the times I said I needed help, or I felt sick, or was sad, I was left with no response, snarky remarks, or her taking over the conversation for herself. I have finally realized I am the only one who cares, and it hurts. It hurts becuase I care about someone so much (and I have told her that) never to be cared for in return. I am not asking for her love, or her apprecation for the things I do, I'm just realizing that I feel its not worth my time, as much as it hurts me for her to not be there. I need to put effort into other girls, people who will see me back for me, and not just someone to get them along.

I need some help, some ideas, how to move forward, and how to get past. I fell for her so hard, only to find it landed me at the bottom. Any help?


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  • I went through something similar several years ago, that really sucks.
    The best thing you could do in this case is to just stop texting her and stop thinking about her if you can. Try to do others things that can keep you distracted, like meeting new people or having some drinks at a bar in the evening with some friends. Or just simply find a new passion and keep pursuing it.
    For me I went to do track and field as a means of emotion release, I got over her rather quickly afterwards, if that helps you in any way.

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