Fuck boy or something more?

There's this guy I've kind of been talking to, we have gone out to bars with each other and a group of friends a few times, as well as hanging out with just the 2 of us by ourselves (both intoxicated) and he did make out with me...

Last night he messaged me after I saw him at the bar, "when are we going out?" I thought he meant like going out to bars, and I said whenever then he replied the name of a resturant. Being in total shock, I said sure, and he then said "it's a date." He also made sure to tell me he liked..

He is the typical guy, he is a flirt and messages a lot of girls, and he has tried to get me to come over to watch movies in the past but I pretty much said no. I even told him I'm not a booty call, and he said he knows and said if I did come over to watch a movie no sex just cuddles... I just think if he is a player, would he really go out of his way knowing I'm not one of the hookers he's normally with to take out to dinner?

He knows some of my family members (cousins) and close friends of mine, and he also works for the same company as my father. Would he really try something stupid knowing that he is friends with my friends/family, and works with my dad?

He has had a committed girlfriend about 7 months ago but they broke up, so is he actually going to treat this as something potential or is he really messing with my mind?


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  • He seems. like a lonely guy. Or heis a dude just looking for "it" not just cuddles.

  • How long ago did he last try and bring ya over? Knowing you fam won't matter if he thinks your down now for a hookup

    • probably about 3 or 4 weeks ago was the last time he tried to get me to go to his house.

    • Sound like he trying to smash I don't know

  • People continue to use fuck boy incorrectly.

    You sound paranoid. Maybe he's a player. Maybe he's a promiscuous person. That still doesn't mean he's that way with you. Especially if he's just promiscuous.

    • what's a fuck boy? (srs question)

      i'm yet to get a str8 answer

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    • It's okay. I think there's no way to tell, but just because a guy wants to watch movies with you doesn't mean he just wants sex. At the end of the day you decide if you want sex with him or not. It's not like it's against your will. If he's a player you'll find out eventually because he'll eventually get tired of not getting any pussy.

    • @mr90skid Yep.

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