Why did she message me again?

So I've know this girl for over a year I've asked her out before and never got a answer back so I decided that I should just give up and just be friends it was hard but I try to be there for her and I always let her know I'm here for her and about 4 or 5 months ago she kind of stopped talking to me never replied to my messages I found out she had a boyfriend and I accepted it and stopped also and I finally was close to giving her up completely when she messaged me today out of random she texted me saying hey at first and I kind of ignored it and couple min later she messaged me "!!!" I talk to her she tells me she broke up with her boyfriend ( from the sounds of it, he was not the best guy) my question is why she rejected me and threw me out of the picture but why like do I have hope or no?


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  • because she was alone


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