Girls, Who should I date?

Here are the options:
1. A short blonde girl that I've liked for a long time. (kinda a weird body) We have been talking a lot but she is way out of my league.
2. Another short blonde girl that's really skinny, she is really easy to talk to and I have a lot of classes with her. She is also more in my league.
3. A medium height brown hair girl that is very quite but really good looking, also she would be easy to ask out.
4. A really hot blonde girl that's a year younger than me. She has a really nice body (better than anyone in my grade) we have been texting for about a year and talking in school a lot.


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  • Who should I pick help me! πŸ˜±πŸ˜’
    1. A tall guy who is hot as hell. Brown Hair I like for a long time. Middle class income.
    2. A medium height guy, bald who is on the thinner side, work with. A are glasses, rich.
    3. A tall blonde guy that's really built, he is really easy to talk to and I have a lot in common. But out of my league
    4. a really really handsome guy, great smile, and wealthiest of them all. he's been pursuing me, older by 15 years, talking a lot and hanging out.


  • The one who you connect with the mostπŸŒ™