His ex still contacts him?

My boyfriend dated this girl for almost four years before me. He broke up with her because he said she was ruining his life and stressing him out.

She's still on his phone plan and sends him multiple messages and calls every day. She even knows some of his passwords. He said he ignores her messages for the most part but sometimes he does respond back.

It feels like everywhere I turn she's there. I know she was his first real love and his first in other ways. I'm trying to not come off as insecure or anything I've just never dealt with something before.

How would you handle it?


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  • First of all if I were him I'd take her off my phone plane, change my number, change my passwords and stuff like that so I could move on for good instead of having my ex stalk me all the time. But that's just what I'd do if I were him.

    • That's what I would do and what I've done with my ex. Unless he's planning on going back to her if we ever break up.

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    • Not really sure what to do

    • Well I'd try talking to him about it and see what he says

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  • To be honest, it seems like he may still have feelings for her. If he knows she has passwords, why doesn't he change them? And the girl can't talk to herself. The only reason she's coming back is because she gets a response. He shouldn't be talking to her at all. If he wanted to he would have blocked her.

    • I agree with that. It's not that hard to block someone who's ruining your life. I feel like he's hiding something.

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  • It's definitely a tricky situation, you with bottle it up or risk stressing him out by telling him how you feel.

  • I'd be an insecure mess, screw everything up then end up talking to him about it and resolving everything. Just try to skip screwing everything up.