He gave me his number should I text him now or wait a while?

So my crush gave me his number today and he was so cute but it was weird cause here's how it happened... So I was at lunch fangirlilg over him and my friend knows I like him and I asked him what I should say to my crush so we were talking about that and we started walking closer to him and k was freaking out and he said "I'm gonna call him over here" and before I could say anything he says his name and he turns around and starts to walk towards us and he was only like 2 feet away and so I walked away cause I couldn't function lol anyways shortly after that like 10 seconds later he comes to my table and he's like "this is all my social media and here's my number" and he writes it on the table and next to it he put "Hmu for a good time" and then he was like just kidding and erased it but kept the number there and he was like "but I'm not kidding about the number" then the bell ring and we had to leave and I was compleatly baffled and I've been contiplating all night if I should text him and now it's 11:30 pm so I don't wanna text him this late cause he's probably busy sleeping or something and i dunno what to do... I've never been nervous to text a guy not even my 4year long crush


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  • Just text him tomorrow morning. You really don't have to wait. He gave you his number so you can talk.