What should I do if the guy I like isn't over his ex ?

Okay here it goes ,I've known this guy about 3 years his like my best guy friend we've been threw slot together. He used to have strong feelings for me but I never really paid any attention to him ,I just saw him as my best guy friend. So recently I broke up with my boyfriend about 4 months ago and I was trying to start talking to guys and get something different out of life. So I started flirting with my guy best friend and we just randomly decided to go on a date. And we kissed and got really close in a matter of minutes which I never thought would happen.

Which brings me to this ,now he tells me that he still has feelings for his ex girlfriend which he broke up a few months ago. He told me this after we had already kissed and now I don't know what to do! Cause now I want to be with him. So what am I to do ?!?!

Help me please!


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  • do not go with a guy who just is still in a relationship. it will be ugly.

  • Gvie him time and respect it because he'd be lying to you if he got with you right now..

    and you don't want to be the rebound girl

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