Is it ok to give a gif to a girl I just meet for this upcoming Valentine's day?

I just meet this really cute gamer girl. We went on a date last Friday, everything was ok I guess, and now I'm wondering if it's appropiate to send her flowers this Sunday ( Valentine's Day) or another more "creative" gif, you know.. For a gamer girl. Or should I just wait and not buy or send anything at all? I really like this girl. She's kinda wild but overall God person. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

She seems that she enjoyed the actual date. That was the second time we actually saw. First time we only exchange our numbers. I'm not saying she's into me yet. Because she didn't showed any flirting signs or something like that. But you know, I want to make some extra points with the flowers or the other idea about the gamer gift


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  • The idea in regards to giving her flowers on Valentine's day is decent.
    As for her not showing any flirting signs, did she seem shy in general?
    Sometimes girls hold back from flirting because of fear.


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  • Getting her a gift is a really good way to touch get closer to her. If you really like her you can be different by getting her a unique gift and not the same old traditional gift with teddy bears. You can get her a spa treatment to get her nails done. If she's a girly girl.

    • No, not shy at all. She is really outgoing, fun and I feel we had a really good time on Friday. But not necessarily showing any sparks for me or something like that. Although I'm kinda worried I sent her a Facebook friend request since Saturday and I'm still waiting for her to accept the request. I haven't talked to her since last Friday. Because she doesn't have a cel phone. That's why she suggested the idea of the Facebook thing. And she also gave me her home phone number. But I don't know if her not accepting the request is a bad signal or am I just being paranoid?

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    • I will wait for Her to call me or either contact me on Facebook until Thursday if by then she hasn't put in contact then I will give her a quick call to ask her out for a second date and see how it goes. If she seems cold then I might just cancel the whole valentines gif

    • Thats a good ideal. You a smart dude. You know how to read a person signs. A lot of guys don't know how to read a woman. Stick to what you said. Thats like the best self answer I ever heard on GAG.

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