The day after hooking up etiquette changed? Please read?

If you hooked up with somebody you weren't interested in, would you leave the morning after? Or would you stay til evening? Im asking because I met someone and after we hooked up he stayed around all day watching movies and what not (we bought breakfast and lunch etc). I've had this happen to me once before and me and the guy ended up dating a few months but this guy I'm talking about I never heard from again. lol I reach out to him like 4 or 5 days later and he told me he'd text me later but never did. I thought if it was just a fling you don't lead people on (and definitely would not want to if not intersted) by staying with them the day after UNLESS YOU ACTUALLY LIKE THEM. Am I mistaken? What the hell was up with this dude? If I'd known I'd never hear from him I'd kicked him out right after sex lol


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  • It sounds like he doesn't understand the protocols around this lol

    If it's a hookup/one time thing, you do the deed and then you move on either that night OR first thing the next day. If you're having breakfast I would be inclined to think you/them want more, if you're having lunch and watching movies till dinner time, I would definitely think they want some sort of "relationship".

    • that's all I'm saying. It's not that I'm butt hurt but just scratching my head while laughing because its just a funny picture. If I would be naive and gullible I'd be been blowing him up non stop asking him wtf lmao But I'm grown and on to the next is the mindset. Id say he was married but I marked him up (he did the same to me) so I know that can't be it. I don't know to me its funny. And like that other dude said, it'll be even more funny that he stayed the day after just to see if he liked me or not lmao!!

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  • A good friend from college liked to slut around and always either left before they woke up or if they ended up back at her place wouldn't even let them sleep over.

    In their 30's though even the male sluts sometimes start wanting more attention. They don't like you its just that more of their friends are married so they start wanting someone to go to brunch with or whatever. They don't want to go with you they just want to go with anyone.

    The other option maybe that he doesn't normally sleep around and didn't know how to handle the situation. He got away as soon as he thought it was reasonably acceptable.

    You can avoid this in the future by not sleeping with just anyone or at least if you are going to go into the situation with the understanding it's a one time thing. If he won't leave in the morning tell him you have stuff to do. If you want anything more than that get to know them first.

    Sex with people you don't know well makes everything else feel awkward. If it doesn't feel right sober than it is probably too soon. Quickest way to end something that could have been great.


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  • maybe he spent the day with you to see if he liked you and didn't.

  • Got what he wanted do now everything changed sorry


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  • It really depends on if I had plans that day and if I felt welcomed that I could stay the day. Usually though I like to leave mid day. It's odd that you never heard from him again though he possibly might have just stayed with you for convenience? Because I know anyone whose in the right mind reaches out almost right away and usually stays in contact when they are interested in people.

    • Yea half the comments on here sound just as confused as I am lol But I don't know this was just a fun question to ask and get opinions from different people. If he does text me later (which if he hasn't by now he won't) I'm going to have to be like "who's this" lol And I'd probably be sincere too since I don't know his number lmao anyways thanks!

  • I didn't know hookups had etiquette. Maybe he just wanted some company.

    • Haha yes this is my MHO. It's a selfish act on the part of both parties and etiquette in my opinion is certainly out the window when it comes to this kind of thing.

      Like seriously from what I've heard it is somewhat the norm to sneak out as soon as you wake up and the other party pretends to be asleep and is glad you left. But it doesn't always go down that way. Sometimes he guy is looking for the opportunity to leave and the girl is oblivious and he is too much of a coward to be like bitch I don't know you we aren't going to breakfast. The. She is like oh okay breakfast what's next. LOL

      This is why hook ups aren't worth it. This and many other things.

    • I agree! =)

    • @sjoes006 ii meant i agree with u lol