Is it possible to fall back in love?

My 10 month relationship started going stale around 4 months. Now we've fizzled to the point where we're taking a break, my idea, not his. He stopped seeing me for who I am, and I let our relationship quiet who I am and what I believe in both religiously and politically. At first I was able to ignore our differences and pretend our love could conquer those differences, but I fell out of love. Without that love and desire to overcome our differences, I don't know if we can ever work.


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  • It can be therapeutic and helpful to kind of take breaks from each other. I have a lot of chemistry with my wife even though we've been together almost 7 years, my friends envy us and wonder how we manage staying frisky and doing all this lovey-dovey stuff, but part of the secret ingredient for me is that I have to go on business trips every few months overseas.

    During that time, I start to miss her, she misses me, and that kind of ignites the spark in our relationship for a while where we become like young lovers again dating for the first time.

    It doesn't last though, it tapers and we start taking each other for routine, our lives become routine and boring where we're just around each other but not doing so much besides hugging a lot, which is why doing it every few months kind of helps.

    That said, this is in a relationship which is already great on paper and just kind of needs an occasional jump-start to get it back to a passionate and not merely friendly level.

    I'm not sure it works if you two have already grown distant in other ways besides just passion and romance. It also wasn't the best idea to kind of avoid being yourself in that relationship, to suppress a part of you. That true side will always long to come out so long as you're around men who love the side you're showing and not the side you're repressing.

    So it's really important for a long-term relationship to put yourself in a comfortable position, and act in a way you can continue to maintain for years to come. It's not overcoming differences, there shouldn't be some huge obstacle if you two are open and love each other and really know each other.


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  • It cannot work. People fall out of love. Shit happens.
    You're too young anyway to waste your time being with someone you don't love.
    You should move on.


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  • I feel you. I wouldn't be able to be with someone who disagrees with me on some particular points. I think it won't work.

  • Yes how do you think marriage works. But the keys is!!! Both of you to can't fall outa love at the same time... one has to be enough to hold you 2 gether!


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