A giant love square mess... help?

Ok, I guess it all started with this guy I used to work with. He used to drive me home from work every now and then and he's made it very clear that he's into me and would like to see where things go. we lost touch after I quit a couple months ago. We'll call him Travis. So during the time me and Travis lost touch I met another guy that I'm physically more attracted to and this guy actually lives a little further away from me and our chemistry is more dull whereas me and Travis have a lot in common but the attraction is missing for me. now insert boy three, we will call him Jace. Jace and I work together at my new job and I think I have somewhat of a girly crush on him, where now I'm both attracted to him and we have nice convos but I'm not sure if he feels the same. I'm usually good at picking up vibes but I'm clueless when it comes to this guy. Basically, I feel wrong for talking to all three guys at once and the last thing I want is to lead someone on or give up on a good friendship. What should I do? (Thanks if you've read this far)

I guess I should clarify, both Travis and the second boy have straight out told me they are into me. Even after me and Travis reconnected recently he told me he still feels the same.


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  • continue to talk to all of them as friends and start dating them one at a time. you have to play it day to day you know.

    • Like date all of them at once?

    • play the field. talk to them all and take them all out yes but at completely different times.

      i know it sounds bad but it doesn't seem like you have made a decision so it wouldn't be fair for anyone if you diddnt at least hear them all out right?

      plus if your talking to three guys then who says they arnt talking to three girls?

      just trying to say keeep your options open until you are certain.

    • Very true. Thanks, I'll keep this in mind

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