How hard is it to find a girl who smokes weed but doesn't drink?

Personally I can't stand drinking it makes me feel sick I can't drive and I'm a feather weight when it comes to drinking so I gave up drinking. Weed allows me to feel calm focused, back pain in reduced so as you can tell I'm a rare bread of stoners that doesn't drink hell my friend start drinking that when I start leaving I'm not anti drinkers I just won't be around people who are using it.

so how hard is it gonna be to find a girl smokes weed and stays away from drinking and other drug or am I just 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000


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  • Just because you drink why can't she drunk and smoke at the same time. Your college aged so most peoole do both but when you get older the drinking becomes less.

    • I don't drink that's why she can't I hate drunk people

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    • Agreed to some extent. In a controlled production setting it is much much reliable.

      But just like with wine when independent growers and marketers get involved you have considerable variance especially when you consider that the pushers and runners sometimes as substances to the weed. Even in Amaterdam there is weed from various countries and the coffee shops are aware of the differences.

      Then even with controlled horticulture facilities they can genetically modify their crops or intake from farmers but everyone reacts differently.

      I take sleeping pills so I am patiently awaiting a pot alternative. I candlelight yoga when I've had a stressful day and it does calm me down. But I also know a tinny amount of the right plant would too if I can't go to yoga at 9pm to tuck me into sleep.

    • That cool for me I'd rather not take pills but ya and grow your own and you know where the bus comes from

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  • smokes weed but doesn't drink?

    I think i only met 2 girls like that in high school.

    it's definitely rare.

  • Eh, I wouldn't say that. I've met quite a few women who have that mentality.

    I'm sure every loser on GAG is going to start chastising you for smoking pot now.

    • O well anyone who want to chastise me can fuck off I'm looking for a valid awnser I don't drink I can't start being around people who are under the influence of alcohol is nothing against peopke who do drink I'm just not going to and I'm not going to be with someone who drinks and women who don't smoke weeed normally hate it and I have PTSD so I need a girl who smokes weed but doesn't drink I've been looking for 4 years