Do you enjoy french kissing? Is it common for you when you're with your boyfriend?

I never see a couple french kissing in American movies so I started wondering why don't they french kiss that much. It is the "regular" kind of kiss in my country. What are your thoughts on it?

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  • It is the regular but they never do it in movies, I guess it just doesn't look as romantic to watch

    • Just to know, are you American? Cause I had a friend in America and she told me girls thought that french kissing was not the regular one and some of them didn't really enjoy it. I feel confused now

    • No I'm not actually American but I thought it was the regular everywhere. Maybe movies have made it a rare thing, cause people think it's not a normal thing to do

  • I like it , I normally do it, you won't see actors do it since it's just acting in movies and that's kind of an intimate way of kissing actor to actor


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