Girls, have you ever "rainchecked" dating a guy?

So I met this girl on OkCupid we hit it off, we flirt, she'd be playful, and we woke each other up in the morning to a good morning message. Recently though she asked if we could put a hold on dating and I reasonably accepted that. Her situation is that we live 40mins away from each other, she drives out here for work (long 8hr shifts as a hair stylist), she has EMT classes she's taking with a lot of homework, and she now lives back with her parents due to the money she pays for the classes which she's given chores to do and has to abide by her parents rulings.

Long story short, girls do you think when she asked if we could hold off dating that she just wants to be friends? She did give me an amount of time to wait til she's more stable and actually able to pull off dating.


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  • No l didn't

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