Am I overreacting or is my boyfriend in the wrong?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 6 months and lately I feel like I've really started to fall in love with him, which makes our situation worse.. We're constantly bickering and it seems like either he's always pissed at me for something or I'm always pissed at him. When things seem normal and happy, something goes wrong and we fight again. The thing is, it's usually me who starts the yelling but he's the one who does annoying things like kicking my pile of clothes over and not picking it up or taking the last soda when I said to save it. I feel like he's so careless and has no respect for me. When I yell at him and say he's disrespectful and rude or that he should apologize, he gets so pissed off and says crazy things like he's gonna beat the crap out of me or throw my dresser out the window. It's scary when he gets in my face and starts kicking things.. I usually can hide it well, but last night when we got into an argument about the budget for Valentine's Day, he pushed my shoulders and knocked me into the wall and cornered me and I started crying. He just cussed and left for a while but when he came back he tried to act aloof like nothing happened but I could tell he felt bad bc he kept staring at me with this sad expression on his face when he thought I wasn't looking. Should I be mad at him? Should I confront him? I really don't want another fight.. But I don't want to ignore the problem.. Am I overreacting or is my boyfriend in the wrong?


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  • i'm sending your boyfriend a bullhorn for the next time you decide to impulsively yell. for him to yell back at you.


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