Will this work for a date?

Well I already made a question before but I'm going to try and ask her out again. I left her alone for a couple of days and I was thinking of asking her out again soon.

I have been thinking it over and over on how to ask her out. I was trying to get her to engage in a conversation with me and then when we are about to leave I am going to ask her out.

The girl is shy and so am I so it is going to be real tough for me. First I'm going to walk to her with all her friends and see if she is getting nervous so I'm going to ask her alone.

If she doesn't respond to my question again, can you people help me out a little to what to say to her again?


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  • This girl is probably around 15 and has never had a long relationship? Girls at that age will talk about boys all the time together but when it comes to real-life they will be really nervous because they have little experience. If You really want this girl you've just got to be patient as her confidence will grow in time and 1 day you'll laugh about it :)

  • Just be like hey I'm sorry but I didn't think I got my answer yet and go down on one knee and b like would you? hope that kinda helped