Girls, Even now I still kinda like this girl? What can I do?

The last time i really talked to this girl was about 10th grade. A lot has happened since then. I want to begin by talking about what happened 2 years ago. The thing is... i told her i liked her and after that she started to act shy around me. I kind of took it the wrong way and didn't talk to her. Afterwards i was told that she asked about me to one of my friends and i didn't believe it. Before the end of 10th grade i wrote her a letter explaining what was basically going on in my head. I never heard from her but i started to notice that she kept staring at me... i have no idea why but she was... none of that really matters now though because she has a boyfriend now. We are in the 12th grade and i can tell she is really happy with him... the only problem is... for whatever reason... i still have some lingering feelings even after all this time. I never interact with her and the only time she really pays me any attention is if i'm talking to someone else. I don't understand why i've been so stuck on her for years now... she's beautiful and all that but at this point i just want to move on yet at the same time... i want her...

They've been together for like a year and a half now i think...

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  • You still have a chance