What's her deal?

After years of being close friends she asked me why I never dated her. i always had a crush on her but enjoyed our friendshi. however, i began to question my friendship with her and realized how much of a great person she is and began to fall in love with her.

after two months of talking to her more, i confessed my love to her, but she said she never liked me that way and only as a friend.

i'm confused, her words say one thing but her actions say another.

we still talk but I try to push back at the attention I give her like i see her once or twice a month but we have so much to talk about when we meet up, putting us back closer together. The other day I saw her and got her a cute gift (nothig expensive but cute) and told her a week before that I have a surprise for her. When she saw the gift she was blushing, smiling and kept turning her head away for me not to see.

she is a very confident girl but I don't know. Her words say one thing but her actions say something else. If you are asking why im not making a move like kiss her, is because I know her very well. I still think she needs to work on loving her self. Her ex boyfriend really screwed her over, physical and mentally abusive. Sometimes I think that she thinks I'm too good to be true for her. Even when I get her tjings i really do so out of unconditional love.


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  • "Her words say one thing but her actions say another."

    When you confessed your love for her, she basically said her feelings for you were not the same and she views you as a friend.

    That said, given the details in your post, how does her actions differ from her response?

    • she is very different in person, blushy, smiling,

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    • Why did you not include that in your initial post?

      Nevertheless, since you have an Ivy league education and drive a Ferrari, do you not feel it would increase your chances with her if you didn't have girls blowing up your phone?

      I'm not convinced that she feels you are too good for her. Why? Read below.

      "I was a playboy in my past life but overtime I became less of a playboy and looking for someone I can communicate with?"

      Sooo... are you saying you are a playboy.. or?

      Regardless, I suspect she's fearful of being hurt again and therefore simply put off by the prospect of competing with a copious amount of women to be with you, etc.

      In that case, your words say one thing but your actions (allowing girls to blow up your phone).

      Try to be a bit more consistent with her, and it just may happen for you.

    • Im changing my phone number. She knows that I am too. When her and I were just friends, I didn't try to ask her out on dates. But she started to show interest and I realized she was much better than the women I was dating. Now I'm stuck with many phone numbers.

      She trusts me, but yea I think she is intimidated in a way

  • If you're confused what's it all mean, it could be anything - she might be into someone or not interested in seeing someone or whatever.

    If you really want to cut to the chase, maybe it's a good idea to talk to her - you can say something like "hey are we friends or do you want to be more than that" and take it from there!

  • I'm guessing that she thought you were interested in her and now that you are she could possibly be gaining feelings too