I just dont understand.. why does this keep happening? Am I missing something here?

thanks for reading! Ill keep this simple.

Im 5'10" dark hair brown eyes 200lbs though i dont look it and muscular. My friends and other people tell me im good looking/ really cute. I have a really good sense of humor and im laid back. I dont have really any trouble talking with women either.

Not to seem shallow, but physical attraction is a must for me. So what i dont understand is why every pretty/cute girl I talk to (and no i dont just go for tens). Its like i can make these girls laugh and pass the touch barrier, but when i go to ask them out or for a number its ALWAYS i have a boyfriend, i dont give out my #, take my fb instead, or just some bull**** excuse. Even after we laughed all night and flirted a bit.

Wtf why? Its happened so many times im ready to give up. Like seriously its happened over a dozen times and im beggining to think someones talking bad about me behind my back lol. Help anyone?


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  • If you want to be with someone thin, attractive and overall gorgeous, you should have the same qualities as well. 5'10 and 200 lbs shows me that you should lose weight/exercise.


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  • Ahhh... its because you don't have a vagina my friend. You can be the ugliest girl in the whole world, but you can always find someone to fuck at any moments notice.

    On the other hand, you can be a gorgeous looking guy, and still have a problem finding a girl. Its not something you're going through or anything is wrong with you... its that life has a way of messing with us. I would say just take your time and go to parties, social events, etc... talk to girls and have fun. Go on tinder or whatever... the problem that i see with you is that you're looking too deeply into this. Stay on shallow waters man. You'll be fine and get that hot babe in no time.

    • Lol thanks man i actually was thinking maybe i am lookin to deep into this, its just been so frustrating. And being the type of person who can't just let something be if i can't figure it out doesn't help either.

    • Stop trying to figure it out. Just be cool.

      People can sense it when you're overthinking or trying too hard. So what if this girl didn't like you or that girl only took you to one date. Its not only in relationships, but you can't allow people to dictate how you feel about yourself. If you're positive, even during tough time, people will gravitate towards you.