What if we ever end up dating and they tell him bad things about me?

I'm a girl on my last year of high school. I just developed a HUGE crush on a guy in my history class in the end of april. Before this year/semester I've never known him b4. I'm really shy and I have a small group of friends, while he is popular and goes to parties and is friends with a lot of people! The thing is he's also friends with a couple of girls that hate me and were mean to me in grade 8, 9 and 10! I think one of the really mean ones moved to another city. But she used to gossip about me and spread really mean and fake rumours about me.

When I was younger, like in elementary school I was an outcast, had no friends and was bullied and I admit I was weird and did weird things and I was really immature. But that was so long ago, I have changed so much, made my own new friends and I get complimented on my good looks now all the time.

What if we ever end up dating (or come close to it) and they tell him bad things about me? Should I just try to forget about him because he is friends with them or is there another way to deal with them? What do I do!?


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  • They could say bad things about you because they all sound like the cliche nasty types. The actuality of it is, if he really does like you, then he shouldn't listen to them. That, and just be yourself, and if he doesn't like you for that, then you should just forget it.

    Since they are friends, he might listen to them just because he's friends with them. Though, he would probably want to go out with it if he's interested and see what your like. If you really like him, then go for it. You shouldn't care what the other girls say. Though, they may get involved. The best advice I can give is to ignore them or just don't be around them all. If you and your crush start to date, and they bother you, just talk to him about it. Besides, if they do make fun of you for what happened in the past, they're the ones that are really immature and need to grow up. Most popular kids are like this, so don't feel down on yourself if they try to intimidate you. It's up to you, and I hope this helped!


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  • Ok listen up. In high school I was also "that guy" I had a large group of friends and went to a lot of parties. Personally I never really liked girls in the same clique as me. why? Because they were superficial and bitchy. If he's anything like I was he's looking for a girl outside that genre of women.

    First I would tell you to drop the shy act. Approach him be agressive and go for what YOU WANT! Fuck those other girls. if they talk shit it just reflects on what kind of person they are. If you want to look even better call them out on it. Girls like that tend to talk a big game, and when you step to them they will back down.

    Secondly, be confident! You say you're good looking. than act like it and show it off.

    The last thing you should think about it "Is he really worth it"? You're in your last year of high school. you are about to go to college, where you have a better selection of people to pick from. I am a college orientation leader and I say 99% of high school relationships DO NOT LAST! If its not 100% serious it WILL FAIL and you will regret it. TRUST ME.


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  • Girls act like that if they think they can intimidate you. they might say a few comments about you, but if you don't show any weakness they won't say it to you. and its pretty much an open secret that girls like that are pathetic, and nobody really respects them anyway. so if he likes you, he will most likely realize that they're being immature. but if they ever do confront you, or say anything to you, you need to put them in their place and you will prob. never hear anything about how you used to be again. <3

  • If he likes you, he'll believe you over them, and you found yourself a good guy. If he would rather hang out with those girls than you and choose to believe them, then he's not worth it.

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