If you love a guy that doesn't live near you, and you never see him, is it wise to still date him?

I have this guy I was dating, I broke up with him but only for the distance..i think I love this guy but I don't understand how I could. Can someone help please?


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  • this is strange,i'm trying to figure this out also.here's what I have found on the subject., first a lot of people will tell you that long distant relationships don't work [not true] they can, it will take a lot of trust and communication on both your part and his. first thing you need to ask yourself is this something you want to lead into something more? are you willing to travel to see each other and is he? there are lots of articles on your pc about this subject. take a look what they say and I'm sure you will find more info.then what I gave you. good luck in your decision.


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