Being that guy who can't get past fears?

Well first of all I never had a girlfriend (a few dates, and the longest relationship 3 months which I wouldn't call boyfriend/girlfriend relationship since she, still a virgin and so on. I am just afraid to be ridiculed for being a virgin (and when a girl finds out they tend to run like a bat out of hell and I don't hear from them again), and with my friends they find out I won't live that down. The reason I say that last part is because the school I go to is in very small so news gets around. I would hate to be that horrible, then the girl possibly not want to talk to me because of that.

Another one of my fears is trying to push past the initial stages. There might be some times where by myself I will get the girls number and try to get it going. I always have the gitters when I have to call a girl I just met for the first time to set up the date, then when I the day for the date comes up I always hope she would cancel, because I get nervous and wonder if she will have a good time and what should I say to keep her interested and so forth. Then like I said before actually moving the relationship forward, like initiating kissing and sex.

Then finally, my friends always telling me talk to the girl and just hit it and quit it. My thing is since I have never done it, it doesn't feel right number one. Number two I never really developed the "game" to do it. I still get nervous when I first am getting to know a girl and just calling a girl I might know for a while just nervous (because in my head everything seems to just change). I need help on all of this.


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  • First, not all girls are turned off by a virgin. I prefer virgins.
    Second, it can be kind of cute when a guy is nervous to make moves.
    Third, even if your nervous just do it. If a girl is rude to you when you make a move then she's a cunt. I would never make a guy feel uncomfortable when he's putting himself out there. You dont always have to be the one to make the first move either. And remember, confidence is sexy. So "fake it til you make it" if you have to.


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