What do his texts mean?

So me and this guy from my school (we have a class together) have been texting for about a week and he's been flirting with me for a couple weeks. In texts, he sends hearts and stuff and he's nice and asks about my day and all that. He frequently texts me first as well. Sometimes he'll text me during the school day but the past couple days he hasn't done that too much. Usually he texts me goodnight but the first night we talked he didn't which I just assumed was because we had just started talking and then tonight (the same day of the week and when we started texting) he didn't text me goodnight. Should I be worried that he's lost interest or something or do you think he just fell asleep or something like that?

  • He probably just fell asleep or something, no need to worry
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  • He doesn't like you
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Oh and also I do flirt back with him some too but he is usually first to start flirting


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  • There is something on your phone called "voice call". Try it sometime.


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