Guys, He hasn't texted me in days. When do I stop?

We've hung out a few times and I truly thought he was genuine. He didn't play the usual douchebag. Once I slept with him too it wasn't over, I saw him again so it wasn't the usual "I got what I want so now I'm gone." We made plans to hang out on Saturday on Tuesday. I didn't text him at all until Friday to confirm, no reply. I texted him to confirm on Saturday and I got dead silence. It's now Tuesday.. should I just call it quits? Was this him letting me down the cowardly way. And mind you I asked him straight out if this was just sex because I'm okay with that. Instead he said he really liked me and wants to see me blah blah blah.

So he finally texted me back. Apparently something did happen to him which is why he didn't text me back.


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  • That's weird. Unless something bad happened to him, you should just let him go. You sound like a fun girl, who knows how to show a guy a good time. The least he could do is talk to you or write something. Just hope that something bad has happened to him, as horrible as that sounds. xD

    • I want to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe something did happen to him. Because no matter what he texts me even if it is to reschedule sometimes. Even when he confirmed we'd do something, he brought up the day and everything. I just said maybe we should try and hang out. He could've been the usual guy and said "Ya I'll see."

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    • EXACTLY!! That is the regular protocol. You have sex you leave, you don't let them sleep over. You don't tell them deep personal stuff. You text when you're in the mood. But he didn't do any of that which is why I thought OK maybe it's not just sex and he's for real.
      I'll just have to wait it out I guess.

    • I just wish I knew

  • May be he just got busy with something and that's why he couldn't reply to you.

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