My boyfriend is overseas he had it booked before we met, only been together a short time, and I have not heard from him, do you think that is strange?

We meet off the Internet and when we met in real life decided to give a relationship ago, he works away but when he's not at work he makes the effort to come and see me, and we normally talk or message everyday since he has been on holidays I haven't heard from him once, does anyone else think that it is strange or am I just being paranoid he's gone for 10 days and he's been gone for 5 so far, when he gets back he's Ment to come and see me, I have messaged him but no reply, do I just sit back and wait to see what happens when he gets back?


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  • Yeah that is strange. I think unless his phone got stolen, broken, or if something happened to him, he should have contacted you by now.. All you can do is sit back and wait. Hope everything turns out ok


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  • When did you receive his last message?
    Has he viewed your reply?
    If yes, then that sounds strange to me.
    I think he's trying to avoid you.

    • I lost spoke to him last Thursday and we were talking on the phone he flew out last Friday and I haven't heard from him I have text him with no reply and it doesn't come up whether he has read it or not unfortunately and tried to call his phone it goes straight to message bank, I have even had my best friend call it to see what happens and sehe gets the same thing, or else would of thought he blocked me, but he goes back on Monday and Ment to come and see me so guess will have to wait to then unless I do hear from him, my sister says I'm worrying for nothing as he has left stuff at my house, and when was last talking to him he was telling me how he had to look for a special present for me, just can't wait till he back to see what's going on.