How do I get over this guy? I wasted a year of my life pining for him almost 2 really?

so I used to seriously think I was in love with my friend for a solid two years... At one point he was all i thought about and I thought surely I would end up with him. I had the biggest crush on him like I had it bad. For reasons that were complicated we couldn't date. He had a girlfriend and I met him at work where he was the manager and I wasn't legal so it never happened but the feelings were all real and I thought that if I just waited until I turned 18 (wasn't too long)... He would ask me out. He was interested in me at the time I could by the way he looked at me. Than unexpectedly I had to move 1000 miles away because my family was moving and he gave me his number and the feelings of just needing him grew and we had a pretty good thing going... He used to be interested in me text me non stop and I was just an idiot, I turned 18 last month and I thought that he would even remember my birthday but he didn't. It really just hurt me so much and the entire two years of my life I've been on a couple of dates but I always compared the guys to him and they never went anywhere... He is letting me down easy now. He doesn't text me back says things like I don't deserve you and it hurts so fucking bad. I thought I loved him but how could I love someone who won't go half way for me or even leave his fucking girlfriend? For us?

He used to really like me too I don't even know what I did wrong. We could've been so much more but he clearly doesn't want more. He doesn't want me in his life I can tell... Now I'm just leaving him alone clearly it's what he wants but he's saying it in a nice way. I've never felt so disappointed and hurt. He used to be my best friend.


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  • I don't think this is going anywhere. 1. You're far away from him and a relationship needs more than just texting each other. You also need physical contact at some point to maintain a healthy relationship. 2. He has a girlfriend that he sees and touches and is more "real" to him physically than you are. I'm sure he likes you but he's not going to put effort into something he doesn't think will become anything serious. You need to stop holding onto him and delete him from your phone, delete him from your social media and pick up a new hobby to distract yourself. He's moving on, and he is just dragging you along.

    • He's older than me so I don't have a lot of experience here with relationships. I'm doing that, tonight. I have a life besides him so it won't matter really... Moving on is best this whole things makes no sense.

    • I understand. It's best to think of it as a learning experience. You'll be much better off, moving on and going on with your own life.

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