Do you think I am a good girlfriend?

Okay so I am wondering if I am a great girlfriend to other people. My boyfriend thinks I am an amazing girlfriend but I would like some more opinions.

I give him space if needed, I am not super clingy. If I talk to him I ask him how he is doing or how his day was to make sure he is feeling okay.

And I cheer him up if he is down, I let him know how much I feel about him and I let him know that I care about him. I often send him hearts "💘" & kissy face emojis "😘" I am not controlling. He can talk to whoever he wants, I do get jealous but it's very rare. And I don't say anything about it to him.

I go to his basketball games to cheer him on, I hang out with him as much as I can without seeming clingy. And I make sure that he isn't putting in all of the effort into the relationship & that the amount of effort is balanced between us.

I also don't make him do things for me, I am not demanding. We haven't had any problems so far but if we were to in the future I would talk to him about it instead of trying to end it.

And I'm always there for him if he needs me.

I haven't done very much yet, because we have only been dating for almost 2 weeks (tomorrow will be 2 weeks). What do you think? Do you think I am a good girlfriend?

If not, is there anything I can do to become a better girlfriend?

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  • 2 weeks is FAR too soon to say how you'll be as a girlfriend.


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  • I think you're trying too hard. I mean I get it because its still early in your relationship. Just know you don't have to be perfect.

    • I know. I just have made a few mistakes in the past by not putting in enough effort and I ended up getting dumped. So I don't want to make that mistake anymore.

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  • Well, you seem to be a very nice girl and at the same time smart and intelligent as well, so it's a very good sign. You are very close to being an ideal girlfriend.

    Yes I would say you are a very good girlfriend.

  • Halfway in I was sure I was reading a description of some fairy-tale creature, but when I got to "I haven't done very much yet, because we have only been dating for almost 2 weeks" I understood why everything seemed to be so perfect. Don't try too hard and be the best possible girl friend unless that is what you truly enjoy. Any guy would be lucky to have a girlfriend like you.

    Could you tell us what inspired to be something that everyone should try to be?

  • Hey, someone is fishing for compliments. You are fantastic and you know it. : D

  • Your a good girlfriend but he's probably going to end up taking advantage and pushing your nice girl thing to its limits plus sometimes guys like doing things for there girlfriend and every know in then you need to make him do something for you


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