I don't like other people touching my girlfriends boobs. Am I in the wrong?

My girlfriend is 15 and I am 17. She's part of this performing group of girls that act like the characters from this show.

The problem is, in a lot of the pictures they will grab each other's boobs and it really bothers me.

I explained to her that it made me uncomfortable and that she could continue but I would have to rethink dating her because it bothered me that much. After arguing all day she finally said that if it really bothered me that much she would stop and that she was even happy.

Then not 2 weeks later another fight happened. She told me she had kept it bottled up for a while but that she and her best friend agreed that she deserves the right to do that and I should just trust her. So I explained to her that I did trust her, but it had nothing to do with trust. I explained that she was only 15 and just because older performers do it, doesn't mean that it's appropriate for someone her age to do. Which she then told me I wasn't her parent so I should mind my own business in that aspect.

She said that she had known these people almost as long as she had known me and but I explained that she's dating me and not them so I wanted her to consider how I felt 1st. To which she responded with that all girls did it and I should be fine with it. After more arguing she finally agreed not to.

Then about four days ago she was at a photoshoot and it happened again. Someone grabbed her boobs for a picture. She didn't know it was going to happen but nevertheless it still really upset me. The fact she didn't tell any of her friends not to before hand and didn't say anything when someone did it made me really upset.

I told her I had lost a lot of trust in her and would have to think a lot about this. But by the next day after she had been begging me all day, I finally gave in and forgave her.

I just want to stay with her. But what do I do?

character limit forced me to leave a ton out. So this is not as detailed as I wanted.

  • You're right to not be okay with, it's better if you two break up now while it's early.
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  • Yes you should be okay with people grabbing her boobs and should stay together.
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  • You should be okay with it but if it makes you too uncomfortable it's best to end things now.
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  • You're right to not be okay with it but obviously you two have something so just keep working it out.
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  • If it's other girls who are her friends I'd trust her but if it's guys I wouldn't