Girls, how many chances would you give a guy to find out if your sexually compatable?

This is for girls who feel they need sexual compatability with their boyfriend or look for good sex.
How many chances do you give a guy before you decide if he's worth continuing to date from the sex you've had?
Do different scenarios change how many chances he gets, like if he was nervous or a virgin your first time having sex and you want to give him other chances to feel out his performance.

Any more opinions?


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  • Well definitely a few tries. I think being sexually compatible is HUGE in a relationship. If he rocks my world the first time - great, but he could be off his game another night or vice versa. So of course I'd give it a few tries. If the connection just isn't there after that - even if the sex is great - then I'll cut ties and walk away.


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  • I think the intelligent chicks will try to be with him forever like he control for 24 years and not have sex he must be very wise or very stupid both conditions benefit girls.

  • They give about yay percent chance