Fun first date, rough second date, should I still ask to hang out Valentine's Day?

A bit about me: I'm 21 in college. Never had a girlfriend, never had sex, never kissed a girl. I'm not the best looking guy (I'm pretty overweight) and I consider myself an awkward person.

So I've been talking with a girl on and off for the past year and a half. She's 20, we're both in college. We talked for a few months and she seemed into me. However, at one point she saw me hanging out with another girl on campus and it seems after that she kinda stopped talking to me until one day she just never replied to a text.

So I deleted her number kinda expecting to never hear from her again. That was May 2015. Last month, after 8 months of no contact I get a text saying it's her and if I remembered her. I texted back and said we should get lunch. So we did that. No awkwardness, it was fun, and she even hugged me at the end.

A few days later I was wondering how to ask her to hang out again. We were texting and started talking about weed. We found out we both like to smoke, so soon she is suggesting we should smoke together. I told her to come over and she instantly agreed. So we did that last Friday, but God, it was soooo awkward. We were sober for an hour before we started smoking and that was probably the most fun I had that day. When we lit the joint it seems as if conversation dried up and silence took over. Eventually she started asking personal questions. I'm baked as hell and couldn't for the life of me think of what to say. It was bad.

Later on I drove her home and she fell asleep on the ride (she was pretty stoned). The next day she texts "Omg, I'm so sorry I fell asleep on the drive. But I had fun! I don't think I've ever sat on the couch with someone for that long haha".

I'm really hoping it was just the weed that made stuff awkward. I wanted to ask her to hang out on Valentine's Day, but now I don't know if it's smart. How would you go about fixing this? Would pointing out the awkwardness be awkward? lol


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  • It sounds like you're just over analyzing the situation! I think you may have been high and felt awkward but she could've been feeling a completely different vibe. You never know what kind of high you're gonna get when you smoke and yours might have been different than hers. By what she texted you the next day it seems like she's into you. Definitely don't point out the awkwardness! I think you should do something for Valentine's day, nothing too serious though!!! Good luck :)


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