What should I do about this girl I like?

I am a junior in high school and there is this girl that is a senior and I have liked her for 3 years (since freshman year). Last summer she got a job and has been super busy, which means not much time for me. We dated for a little bit but that didn't last long because she had just gotten out of a relationship and didn't feel ready for another one. For those 2 years before she got a job we would text for at least 3 hours everyday, but after she got her job we would barley talk once a month. I really like her and all i really want is for her to be happy whether she is with me or not. She is graduating in a few months so should I keep trying to talk to her because this time we have left is limited? Or should I just give up because she's going to be gone soon.


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  • She doesn't like you. If someone is into another person, they will find time to talk. Guaranteed.


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