Guys, do I have nothing to worry about, or am I giving mixed signals?

Disclaimer: I never went out with anybody/never been in a relationship in my life. Let's say you went on two dates with a girl. You both hit it off, have a lot to say, & have a lot of fun. What would you think if a girl kissed/made out with you on the first date, but just gave you a gentle kiss on the second date? Would you assume she isn't interested? My problem is this- as mentioned above, I've never had any experience in romance/intimacy with a guy. When I kissed/made out him the first time, I felt really awkward/shy/nervous, just because I never done it before. It was all new to me. It was an "in the moment" decision, and I felt like maybe I rushed it too fast 'cause my heart wasn't in it. Later he texts me saying he had a great time, and he really liked the kiss, etc etc. Fast forward to the second date, I just ended the date with a kiss, no making out. Judging from his facial expression, I could tell he was confused. After that, I texted him "thanks for tonight" and didn't receive a reply... I'm nervous. I do like this guy, but I just take a while to warm up because this is the first time I ever done anything like this. I feel like he didn't understand and took it another way... Was I wrong for taking it slow the second time? Would he think I wasn't interested, or if he did like me, would he understand? Should I explain to him, or just let him text me back? Sorry for the essay, I just really need a male perspective... Thanks


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  • I would tell you not to worry too much about this.. you're STILL on the second date right? and you have already kissed.
    I mean what do you think you should have done differently? Had sex with him or smth?

    You don't have experience, take it slow.. it's only expected... go at your own rythm, and he will follow it if he's interested

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