Realistic advice, No BS?

I don't want manipulative tricks and tips. I just need advice on how to develop myself so that i am naturally attractive to women.
If you can give advice on any of the topics below , Welcome!-
1- Approaching women.
2- Being dominant.
3- Staying on her mind.
4- What girls find cute.
5- Is it better to show interest in her from the start or go low and build a bond then tell her?
6- Or any Free advice that you , You have learned from your experiences with women Or just women telling what they like and stuff.
Thank you !


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  • For me this worked out best after trying many things, summary form:

    1) Ask her out lightly, don't make a big deal out of it, and it won't be. This has two positive effects: first it doesn't make rejection terrifying, it's no biggie either way, boosting your confidence and probably making you come off far less awkward. The goal is to spend more time with her, not marry her (figure those kinds of goals out later if the dating is successful).

    2) On the date, establish some kind of connection (mental, physical, ideally both) that elevates this past friendship status. Don't want to end up going on 20 dates and realize she just wants to be friends. This kind of intimate bond (doesn't necessarily require sex) proves to you that she sees you more than someone she wants to just keep as a friend. This works in babysteps: a light conversation might lead to laughter leading to holding hands leading to sitting closely on a bench leading to kissing. Each step will seem small risk and rather natural, no lunging to kiss a girl whose mind you can't read (big risk), you'll almost know she's ready for a kiss just based on the dynamics.

    3) If you get to relationship status, it helps to show a sensitive side here, kind of girly lame stuff, but if you two are tempted to argue, calm yourself down and gently hug her and talk it out. Do the opposite of what you're tempted to do which is to get angry and distance yourself.

    At the same time, you can't turn into an all-mushy wimp. You have to be assertive, lead here and there, but not be afraid to expose a softer side from time to time.

    Don't shower her with gifts and attention like she's the only one you think about 24/7, even if that's true. You can get her to take you for granted. I often use this exaggerated example, but if a guy gives a girl a gift on a monthly basis for 2 years and then forgets a month, he might seem like a jerk. Meanwhile, if out of the blue, once in a year, a guy gets a nice gift or does some kind of nice surprise for a girl, suddenly she goes from wondering if he likes her that much to thinking she has the sweetest boyfriend. It's funny that way.

    Those are the essentials to me. The rest doesn't require much of a careful plan, just be yourself and have fun. The parts to deviate from your normal behavior might be these parts.

    • Awesome advice! Couldn't have said it better myself.

    • @lumos Thanks -- I'm kinda old and had some years to learn all this stuff the hardest way by making all the mistakes.

    • These things will definitely help me when starting a relationship, thx!

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  • Be yourself that's the best advice. You can always say hi how's it going but if you start pretending to be something you're not its just going to be bad. I say be upfront hey I think your cute and would you like to go out sometime. Sometimes girls will be upfront as well. Always be you that's when it become natural and your not over analyzing


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  • If you want to have sex, learn to seduce girl, and don't ask for it. Be real honest and respectful to avoid playing game. Some girl will test you and play game, don't fool around with these girl but it up too you. Look up how to be a real man. If you on date, when bill come ask would you like go half on this politely to the girl. If not pay it. Always have a condum ready. Be intelligence meaning get to know her and her get know you since both are stranger. Pay attention on the little thing. Her hair, her dress, her nail, her smell, her stlye, her background, there a lot learn about her. Make her really comfortable with you. Make her feel you want her and like her. Grab her hand, hug her and kiss her, and try go home with her or to her place and from you what to do.

  • Always go after a woman you like, even if you think she's out of your league. You might surprise yourself.

    • That is so true, but don't base just look, personally is a lot more than anything else