Do you think good guys/good females are suffering cause of bad guys/bad females?

The reason why I ask this question is woman who have been contiously hurt by "bad guys," and have been mistreated by so many douchebags have started to lump guys into a category. Or they blow things out of porportion and assume stuff. For instance, if a guy shares a dirty joke she automatically assumes he's just another dirt bag.

Do you think nice guys are suffering and are misjudged because of what bad guys have done?

I am sure guys are misjudging females now because of other females who have done them wrong.

So do you think a majority or some people are ruining it for their gender?

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  • This video (below) . . . that's all I'm saying. I let Hitler do all the thinking

    33. media. tumblr. com/.../...02zJfR1sxcftfo1_400. gif

  • Yes, I am a good guy and yet so many women treat me like total rubbish. Before anyone insults me. NO! I am actually a good guy not a "self entitled nice guy". I honestly wonder why I even bother with women and all their shit. Sorry but that is how I feel. :'(

  • i have a mixed opinion on this, i am neither good or bad. There are some things which i just don't tolerate or won't do, And people sometimes people think I am bad which i am really not.

    in my opinion being nice gets you no where, people take advantage of you and don't take you seriously. But being bad you can get away with a lot of stuff which society deems as bad which really isn't


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