My ex girlfriend keeps pulling me back?

Me and my ex had been together for about 4 months and broke up twice and the first time she managed to pull me back in to her and now she's trying to do this again a second time and i do love her she loves me i just know if we end up back together its going to end up in the same place it was before and the same reasons we were not happy being togther will come about, i feel like for someone to heal from a relationship i need time away from her can't see her, can't text her, call her, no faecebook. Nothing. because i was finally moved on i think after about 2 weeks without talking to her or seeing her and she managed to come by last night and the second i saw her i felt it in my heart and started crying, we both started crying. I feel like she thinks she has me back, even though i told her "we are not togther" just to be clear. I told her maybe we could talk things out, because she wanted to fully end things for good in person, she just wanted me to say it and i simply could not. How should i go about this? My whole family and friends dislike her and think she's manipulative and controlling. I can see why but im blinded by my feelings towards her. But when im not with her my feelings fade and i can move on but the second i see her it all changes.


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  • So why would you put yourself in that uncomfortable position of being with someone you don't love? Why would you go back to that toxic relationship? I think the best thing that you can do is just to get rid of her look is like when a person has a cancer you know that's killing you so what you do? You get rid of it all at once not slowly by slowly you I'll say stop talking, texting, and at the beginning might be hard since you have been in that codependency for such a long time but you can do it you have manage to live without any of your other exgirlfriends and you can do it now again. Put a stop to this and most important be HAPPY! 😊


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  • Just push her away