Telling her I love her but not ready for a relationship?

So this girl I'm talking to has recently told me that she loves me. I've loved her a whole I just never said anything. Would it be a bad move to tell her that I love her, but just not sure if I'm ready for a relationship or not?


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  • Why aren't you ready for a relationship? Is it worth letting this girl go?

    • I just feel like I'm not ready. Can't really explain why

  • To be honest if you tell her you love her then it is going to hurt her that you don't want to be with her. It's better to not tell her and to figure out what you want first. Why tell her you love her, then have to tell her you're not ready for a relationship. I've had a guy do this to me and it hurt so much, and I wished he would not have told me. But if you want to tell her then be prepared for feelings to get hurt.

    • Decided I'll just think on it. I won't say anything. Now that I look back on it, this was a pretty stupid question to ask. But thanks for the answer

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