Does he like me or he is just being nice?

I met this guy off tinder and he was really persuading me to go on a date with him, but he warned me at the beginning that he is not looking for a relationship... So, I finally agree to meet him because he is quite handsome and was chasing me a lot... First time we met he took me out for drinks and then he invited me to his place where we had sex and i stayed over the night and we had phenomenal sex, he made me come 2 times and we had sex the whole night and he was really good in bed and attentive to my needs... We still kept in touch and shortly after that he invited me to his place to have sex again and the sex was mind blowing as usual and he makes me come really hard... We met another 2 times and everytime was a fuck date... but we talk quite often, he wished me happy bday, he was asking me how my holidays were and he keeps liking my photos on FB... Last night we met, he invited me to his place and I was so late and he waited 45 min at the station for me and my phone was off so he went come and when i called him he picked me up again and was mad at me, but still wanted to see me... he does nice little things like asking me a lot of questions, open doors for me, made me breakfast, sends me home, sends me goodnight messages, takes my jacket off and when i leave puts it back on, smiles at me a lot, gave me a medicine once when i was coughing.. Does he like me? or he is just being a gentleman?


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  • He likes you


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