Who gets more criticism.. the pretty girl or the ugly boy?

i asked a question recently that dealt with how people perceive unlikely couples, such as a hot girlfriend + an ugly boyfriend, or a pothead and a bookworm. if its the first case ( hot girl + ugly boy ) who gets more criticism? I would find that everyone would be congratulating the boy and demeaning the girl. I have a crush on this boy, and he is absolutely amazing.. I wish I could say the same about his looks. I'm trying to not be vain, but I know I can do a lot better for a guy looks wise.. but I don't care, I love his personality.

SO, question : would you guys find it gross that the girl is dating a less attractive guy if she's slightly MORE attractive? and would everyone be "congratulating" the guy for having a better looking girl?

I'm just trying to understand what people think about this.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Guys are jealous of the guy who has a hot girl. (even if we say we don't understand it and freak out.)

    Girls are curious and interested in the guy because there is a girl on his arm.

    So either way you win.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think that girls would probably get more criticism than the guy, just because girls always have a lot more criticism to begin with. Also with the "lowering" factor, it provokes criticism because, stereotypically hot girls date hot guys, and geeky girls date geeky guys, but it shouldn't matter. Who cares if he's not the hottest guy in the world? He's got a great personality and that's important. You should go for it, and if anyone gives you trouble about it, they're just vapid and shallow. A relationship is more than just what's on the outside. Plus, the relationship is between you and him, not between you, him, and the rest of the world. Who cares what your peers say? Most of them PROBABLY don't know you or him, so they have no right to judge you anyway. =]

    • Thanks =)

      and I definatley think I'm gonna give it a try, I almost feel like a better person in a weird way because I'm not just dating him based on his looks. I really want to find someone I can relate to and me and him are basically the same people.. so I think it will work out perfect =)

    • You should. I won't deny saying that looks aren't important, because they are, but it's just everything else is MORE important. I'm glad you're going to give it a try. =] Some of the best things in life are unexpected. =]

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