Why do all my exs try to mess with my friends?

My good buddy always gets my exs tryna get his attention. they always liking his stuff on instagram and everything.. lol why? i guess the world nowadays dont even care. never fuck wit an exs friends. thats fucked up. one even has a boyfriend lol. why they so thirsty..


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  • they do it to mess with you.
    They do it because they are not you, but basically the closest things to you.
    Feel flattered and ignore them lol their disrespecting themselves by being with your friends cause the squad can say they had a chick now and itll never be serious cause your friends will realize she's the sloppy second of the crew

    • nailed it bro because thats exactly how i thought. my buddy wouldn't mess with her and he laughs when she tries...

    • I mean it's just probably going to go horribly if they date cause guy friends tend to have similar habits. So it would be a time bomb waiting to go off with the ex's. As a guy I would steer clear of that mess.

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  • they probably find him attractive.

    • who cares i wouldn't do that to my exs

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    • Yeah but i do have regards for others feelings. I could have got with her best friend, but i didn't because i was being nice. I dont want the drama, nor am i that type of person..

    • They can do it all they want, but none of my friends are stupid enough to sacrifice a friendship. hoes before bros man.

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  • I think it's cuz just like boys they want to be loved. My girls that are friends always go for my ex's and its really weird u see them kissing all the time Sometimes I think it's to make the other person jealous or u cuz they think it's a game just let it happen act like its nothing that's about all you can do


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  • He knows their your ex's right? That should be more than enough to tell him it probably wouldn't work out.

    • thats the thing. we both laugh at it. he wouldn't do that, he's my best buddy.

  • to try and get back at you or to make you jealous

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