Girls, what messages get sent to the initiator and the decider?

I realize that both genders have their pros and cons in terms of dating but I feel like men have it rougher. Men have to approach and win over women while women have to put up with undesirable men approaching them until they get approached by someone they like. But it seems like women still get to recieve positive encouraging reinforcement when they get approached even if it's from guys they don't find attractive. They still get to feel attractive, desired and flattered even though they have to deal with letting him down and hoping he takes it well. They still know that someone finds them attractive and they could have dates if they wanted. While men seem to recieve mostly negative discouraging reinforcement from having to approach and get rejected by numerous women before successfully getting a date (as is often necessary in dating. It's a numbers game for men and they have to get used to rejection). Men have to approach and announce their interest and put themselves on the line, usually to be told that the woman doesn't find them attractive back. I know I'd be willing to put up with unwanted attention if it meant that I got to recieve any attention at all. Women get to feel attractive and desired all the time while men don't get to feel like that until we've approached, impressed, and won over a woman. Anyone agree or disagree?


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  • Guys have to approach the girl because girls have to have the children one day... fair... i attract a lot of guys and its not fun because if i dont like them back and i have to reject them the guilt eats at me for days

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