Men in their thirties only want sex from younger women?

Am I Just being paranoid when I say I feel like most men either in or close to their thirties who approach women in their early twenties (or younger ) are mainly after hook up kind of thing?

I have been talking to this guy for a short while, he is 29 and im 21.. he seems nice, we share a lot of the same interest, we both give detailed answers and asks questions back etc., but this little voice in my head feels like tells me he isn't taking me seriously.


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  • honestly,

    we dont pursue you for sex. if you have maturity and other things to offer, wed not just have sex, wed have a future. its all about compatibility and your maturity phase in life.

    i have many firends who won't settle for a younger girl doing retail. they know their whole life will be on his back. they dont want that.

    • Thats understandable! So am I wasting my time with him if I want something exclusive?

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    • I see.. to be honest I dont know if im considered mature for my age or not, but i'll Just get to know him and what happens happens.. im not necessarly after my future husand, Just a exclusive relationship

    • try it out=) its what you dont do that eats your soul later than what you have done.

      i enjoy that much younger girls are fond of older men. i think if i tried i can even date a 20 yr old still.

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  • I don't think you can speak in behalf of all men :p.

    • Im not, im asking a question

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  • Not all men are looking for that, but the ones who are, are the slickest of the bunch

    Sort of like sociopaths. If he's too nice and too perfect, he's probably just trying to fuck you

    • Well we barely know eachother, so if he was anything but nice we wouldn't be talking at all

  • Well most women refuse to date guys that aren't older than them so what are men supposed to do? Not date? They have to date younger because women their age want older. I can't understand why women are blaming men for their own choice in choosing to date older men and then getting pissed at men dating younger women. A woman can't date an older man unless an older man dates a younger woman...

    • I get that, but it doesn't really answer my question.. im not saying its bad, and I know some guys want relationship, but you can't blame me for being a little paranoid

    • I think what she was asking is if older men think younger women are only good for sex, as opposed to a relationship. Not if older men want to have sex with younger women exclusively

    • @nalaa I don't think that's the case. Most relationships again the guy is usually older. Some men might want a younger woman simply for her sex appeal but not all. The risks of dating them are no different from anyone else.

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