Friend, Interested, leading me on? Any help?

Known this girl for about 5 months. I liked her in the beginning but she liked another guy, so we just stayed friends. Over the time, we had lots of inside jokes, talked/texted everyday and so on. She had a few bad days and I was there for her the whole time, saying I cared about her etc. She seemed to like knowing that. Then, she said she has given up on the guy she "likes" yet she still hangs out with him and so on. She said her eyes were opened by guys who really care. She started to flirt with me, tease me joke with me etc. Other days though, she would ignore me and not even give me the time of day. I stopped talking to her for a bit becuase she stopped talking to me, after a little bit, I finally texted her and got a message back within 10 seconds, joking around and asking questions yada yada. Next day, she's dressed really nice and so on. Perfume and all that, and, well ya know. I was wearing the same color shirt she was, and nobody else had the same color on. She then looked at her shirt, and then looked at mine and said, wow everyone is wearing this color today, smiled at me. I was confused for a second, then I just said she looked really nice, and she smiled back and we laughed and joked the rest of the day. Thing is, I can't tell if she is just being friendly or flirty, becuase she always has been sorta flirty with me. I don't know if even though she said she has given up on the other guy, she still hangs out with him, so I don't know to make a move. Any ideas though?


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  • I would just stop worrying about the other guys and just concentrate on your relationship with her. If she is hot then she will always have other guys chasing her. You just have to be confident in yourself and in the relationship to make it work for you two. So just act like you are the only guy for her and that she should be with you. So be flirty and touchy felt and escalate sexually. If you do it right then I think she would develop feelings for you if she hasn't already. Good luck man.

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